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Thread: Informational Welding Website:

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    Informational Welding Website:

    I ran across this "tips and tricks" website the other day and thought I'd share.

    Great "no bull" advice from a guy who sure sounds like he knows what he's talking about.

    Advice on stick, mig, tig, aluminum, stainless.

    Check it out


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    That is a good site Leo. Thanks for sharing.
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    Excelect site Leo. Thanks!!!
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    Tungsten Adjustment:

    It really is a great site.

    One thing I found very useful was his "noobie mistakes" section.

    He said that the instructions on most welders call for far too little tungsten electrode protrusion. I took his advice and poked my tungsten out a bit more than recommended, so I could see it just as he recommended. Wow, tig sure got a lot easier with just that advice.

    Also, he recommends shielding argon on the back side of stainless welds to prevent what he calls "sguaring." I haven't tried his fix yet, but I've had the problem.

    Just the part about the right gloves for tig so you can feel the filler rod. What a difference a little thing like that made.

    There is nothing like advice from someone who walks the walk.


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    That is a very nice site and very resourceful and straight forward.

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    I'm relatively new to the art of welding. When I first started reading up about the topic, that site proved to have to most information in one site. I recommend it, as well.

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    There are some great videos there too. First practical explanation I've seen for "walking the cup."

    Shows a guy doing an incredible tig weld on a huge stainless cylinder.


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    Not only are the videos good but the guy in the videos, Jody Collier, is very helpful. He's the one that pointed me towards longevity when I asked him to suggest an affordable tig welder.
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    This is good site for tip in welding.
    Site: or also provide more information in welding industry.
    Provide top rated mig and tig welder.


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