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Thread: Some welding projects in my spare time...

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    Some welding projects in my spare time...

    Wanted a sturdy cart / mobile work table, been putting this one together in the past year or so. Holds two tanks on the back, old trailer wheels make it easy to maneuver. <br>Name:  Welding Cart 2.0.JPG
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Size:  164.8 KB<br><br>Retrofitting an International harvester 2000 model loader to a David Brown 990 tractor...<br>Name:  Loader retrofit_1.04.JPG
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Size:  115.8 KB<br><br>Loader retrofit required modification to steering arm, which was bent out of shape anyway, soooo the 200SX is put to the test! Really nice machine to start with, made lift arc starts fairly easy.<br>Name:  steering rod TIG_2.0.JPG
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Size:  96.3 KB<br><br>Got a lot more work to do, so far loving this 200SX machine! I've made some practice passes on aluminum, once got started it went really smooth learning. going to try some stainless beads to get a handle on that too.<br>Name:  Welding Alum 1st Tig 1.0.JPG
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    Cool projects. The aluminum beads are pretty nice for someone just learning AL.
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