I have just finished my twelfth grade. Last day, I discussed with my seniors about courses ensuring core job opportunities. They suggested attending welding courses When inquired more, I understood that there are lots of vacancies for skilled and trained welding technicians. So I'm in search of a good welding course training institute, which provides one on one training.

A short duration course with a strong focus on the major welding techniques is more suitable. Hands-on training is necessary to become skillful in this field. To build up a successful career, its basement has to be strong. So it's a must to get trained from qualified instructors, who can provide us with a valuable education. I had searched on the internet and got a big list. But, how could I find the best one? Is there anyone who has completed a welding course and started to work? Please share the details of the institute. It would be a great help.
Thank You!