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Thread: Weldall 200pi and 256pi

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    Weldall 200pi and 256pi

    Does anyone know what happened to the weldall 200pi and the 256pi? I like the 160pi but Id like something with higher current options. Are they a thing of the past? Does anyone know if Longevity is going to have anything like this in the future?

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    I think the Innovator 255i is the replacement for the Weldall 200 & 256pi. I'll send an email to Simon to see if they are planning any new lines.
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    We have some models available of the 200 and 256pi, but they were replaced with the Innovator 255i which is coming back in stock shortly. If you would like to get a very nice deal on a 200pi and 256pi, let us know as we are moving them out.
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