Hi, Rich from wisconsin, needed to post some pics on a project im trying to fix........guess i have to wait untill approved........probubly have them wrong, its the way i roll. lol

Seeing none of my pics came thru as of yet...........just to make it easy for you guys, never welded, never even turned a welder on........so you can see im lost there.

I have some frame welds on a car to do, metal is only about a 1/8 at best, except for some over zealous grinding , even thinner there.

Trying to find someone to come over to the house, since i have the gas tank off the car, im wondering if i could rent something to handle this..........so any suggestions on what i could use, product wise. I only have 110 in the house.

Hard to explain any of this, since i have 0 knowledge of what to do with a weld.