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Thread: Old plasma cutter without a head....

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    Old plasma cutter without a head....

    I got a Marquette M12150 plasma cutter. Its a 35A light duty rig but the torch head that came with it was in pieces. No one knows what head came on it. Someone said a P30, others said use a Trafimet S45. I got an S45 but I could not get it to arc without air pressure (blow back) but I could never get the air to start so I 'hotwired' the air servo with a second switch on the torch hear so I would strike a little arc with the main trigger then hit the air. It worked for about a month and now I get nothing. I took the electrode out and it was deeply cratered a little off center but there were no burns in the torch internals. Im sure the electrode is toast and I can get more consumables for cheap, but Id like to get the original torch if possible.
    I dont know if the M12149/50 is an HF or pilot arc start...? And this P30 torch head is pretty expensive...!

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    Hi and welcome. I found a link for torch parts for your unit. Since they know what parts the torch takes they should know the torch ID and starting technology. Might be worth sending them an email inquiry.

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