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Thread: Zeny Cut 50 problems

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    Zeny Cut 50 problems

    I have recently purchased a slightly used Zeny cut 50A Plasma cutter. I had to purchase new consumables to use it. It will arc and air flows when you push the button, but when you go to cut with it it just wants to melt the metal doesnt shoot any sparks. I have adjusted the amps and went in 5 amp increments from 20A to 50A and have tried adjusting my air pressure from 50-65 PSI. The guy who had it before me didnt have a regulator'/filter on it and when I lifted up the housing I noticed that the frame was bent down in the middle. Being that it is used I have no means of returning. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks Alan W.

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    Sounds like your mother board is dead. Contact the manufacturer.


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