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Thread: No Argon Gas Feed

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    No Argon Gas Feed

    I am having a problem with my 200SX. I took it to a job site, used it on 120v, instead of the normal 220v that I use in my shop. I was unable to weld at the job site, breaker on 120v could not handle the load and tripped a couple of times. When I got back to the shop, and back on 220v, I get arc and power to the metal, but no Argon gas feed..
    I thought maybe I knocked the connection loose at the gas solenoid in transport. Removed the cover and checked the electrical connections at the solenoid, and to the circuit board, they are Ok. Ohm checked the solenoid, and have 74ohms resistance through the coil, and not shorted to ground. I did not check voltage to the coil, as it was hard to hold the meter, and engage the trigger. Checked the regulator, and gas to the solenoid and it is feeding from the tank to the unit. Anybody else have a gas feed problem and able to solve it?

    Or is this unit going to the shop for service.... any thoughts?



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    What shop will do repairs?
    You might want to talk to tech savvy types, might be something simple.


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