Hi all, So I've got an older Longevity Weldmax 164i, probably around 7 years old. My grandfather bought it and ended up only using it two or three times and gave it to me just recently. I've had issues with the foot pedal from day 1 never did it come down below 90 amps no matter what i did, so i replaced the potentiometer with a 22k Ohm single turn pot and soldered it back together and it still wont reliably come down to lower amperage. anyways, thats besides the point, when i go to strike and arc the HF kicks in and it lights up almost immediately but then after a 1/4 of a second the machine throws the duty cycle light and it cuts out, then I'm forced to power down the machine and turn it back on to be able to use it again. The machine does this every time i try to weld using the foot pedal, the torch switch works fine but i'd really love to be able to use the machine with a foot pedal. stick welding function works fine and the plasma function works okay, generally have to scratch start the plasma not enough pilot arc strength to do much. If anyone has any input on what the issue might be i'm all ears.

Thanks, Tyson