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Thread: Attaching Proma 150 to Longivity 80i.

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    Attaching Proma 150 to Longivity 80i.

    Please help! Does anyone have a sematic and photo's on how to attach a Proma 150 to a Longivity 80i?

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    Hi Mrlarrycop and welcome to the forum. New user posts are moderated to prevent spam. I've approved your initial post and promoted you to registered user so your posts from now on should appear immediately when submitting them. You have three other posts with the same message and I will delete them since they are duplicates. I hope someone can answer your question. If no one responds you should try sending an email to longevity support, they probably can give you the information you need.
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    Unfortunately, we have no information on how to attach the Proma 150 to a ForceCut 80i. In the past the only torch height controllers we used were the Torchmate CNC table ones.
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    I have been trying to contact acourtjester and it appears that he may know how to attach it. I just need to get him to respond to me.

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    If it's that complicated, is it safe?


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