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Thread: Building a disaster shelter

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    Building a disaster shelter

    Hi all,
    I live in Calgary. You can call me a paranoid person. I am scared for my life and I give importance safety all the time.
    I actually pretty known among my friends for being paranoid. The recent hurricane incidents in the US has really affected me. I actually dreamed a few days before that I was homeless after losing my current house to a hurricane. This dream actually prompted me to research about disasters. This lead me disaster shelters. I thought it was a great idea. Having a place to live in the times of disasters is a good thing. So I began researching about them and found out that building disaster shelters in containers are the most affordable option. But I was not able to find much more about them. So I am here clear a few doubts about them.
    - How much are they going to cost?
    - How safe are they?
    I looked up for companies who build custom buildings with containers. My friend suggested this shipping container company in Toronto. When I looked them up on google they have good reviews. but I need to other opinions too. So if anybody has used them, please review. Also if you can think of any better options please comment that too.

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    Hi Stephen and welcome to the forum. Shipping containers around here are going for about $2,400. They make good storage facilities but in my opinion would take a lot of work to make them disaster ready. What kind of disaster are you most worried about? That would determine if the container would be a safe haven or not in my opinion.
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