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Thread: Not much activity here

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    Not much activity here

    I see there are very few posts here.
    I have the older 200pi tig stick plasma machine,
    I like using the stick feature as it's so convenient compared to setting the machine for tig.
    Doesn't anyone stick weld ?
    South Bend 9"x36" Precision Model A. Woohoo!
    Sherline lathe and vert mill.
    Weller soldering gun.
    Pair of pliers.
    Some glue.
    Lincoln mig Weldpac 100.
    200PI tig .
    An extention chord.
    And a boat.
    HF 21 Gal vertical compressor.

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    I don't care for the splatter and smoke from stick welding. My first choice is MIG for most projects followed by TIG for joints that have to be more precise.
    Units owned Longevity PROmts 200

    Force Cut LP80 plasma cutter
    Longevity auto dark welding helmet

    Atlas 10x36" lathe
    Craftsman 5HP 30 Gal compressor
    Home made CNC router/plasma/hot wire foam cutting, 3D printing table powered by Longevity Force Cut LP80
    Home built aluminum foundry, HF 4x6 bandsaw

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    Dec 2010
    Andover, Ohio
    Stick is all I have.
    Don't weld much only repairs to equipment for personal use.


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