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Thread: AC Balance....

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    AC Balance....

    Good day,
    Newbie to the TIG process so my apologies if this seems trivial...I'm having some problems figuring out the AC Balance or cleaning action of my Longevity 250 EX. How does the display correlate with cleaning? I understand the theory but don't understand the display layout. I believe the display goes from -30 to +50. So if I'm welding aluminum and the recommendation is 30% EP. How does that's correlate to the -30 to +50?

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    I don't understand many of the features either but find running an arc with no filler shows the cleaning action at different settings, i just look to get a feel for it, then mark the machine with a sharpie.
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    That's a very good tip. I'll have to do that next time I weld aluminum. Thanks.
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    I have the same machine, the value displayed on the readout really doesn't have a relation to anything , it's just a number and is just a matter getting used to the machine to get a feel for what you desire for the particular weld to be completed.
    More cleaning less penetration.
    Less cleaning more penetration.
    So having the cleaning cranked up you will have a quarter inch of frosting on either side of the weld and less penetration, I like to minimize the frosting and have slightly more penetration.


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