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Thread: Howdy, Newbie here

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    Howdy, Newbie here

    Howdy, trying to get into welding as a DIYer. I haven't bought a welder yet but it will be mig 140. I'm trying to learn all I can before getting the hardware and jumping in. I'm 65 and looking into welding as a new hobby.

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    Art, welcome to the forum.

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    Hi BigArt - Longevity mig140 is great choice if you're a beginner welder, it's a solid machine and was voted the best bang for buck welder, so I like your choice! Also, MIG welding's the easiest type of welding for beginners. There's plenty of free MIG guides online and videos out there. But to be honest I think your best bet is not to learn before jumping in - just jump right in there! Although... make sure you've read all the safety information!!
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