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Thread: 200ex amperage problems

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    200ex amperage problems

    I bought a Longevity tig 200ex from a friend... when I'm using the torch controls, I set the amperage to what I desire , then on the machine it'll automatically raises the amperage to 200... when I switch it over to foot pedal, trying to set my amperage and the highest it will go is only up to 25amps. Is there any solutions for this problem?

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    Hi Tiggamark,

    Welcome to the forum.

    I am sorry to hear about the issues with the TigWeld 200ex. The 200ex is a great machine that we haven't had a lot of issues with.

    I would suggest you call our tech support team at 87-566-4462 ext 2 or, you can email them at
    Phone: 877-566-4462 x 206

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    Tiggamark, welcome to the forum.

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    Weird issue you are having there , have you tried the machine on scratch start ? Just try to weld with the signal plug disconnected and see if you are having the same issue , secondly I believe there is a reset option of the ex units , that would probably be a good start point for you.


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