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Thread: 200 EX torch

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    200 EX torch

    sorry mixed my model i have a 160 SX,Just wondering if i can use standard weldcraft torch leads with the optional dinse adapter?If so do i need anything else?
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    Bruce, welcome to the forum.

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    Thanks for the welcome,I feel a little awkward the torch i just bought is a 200-SX ,and has a WP-26 .again im wondering if i can change this torch over to accept a weldcraft WP-17 or WP-9? The fitting size in the handle is larger .

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    Hello Bruce, I am sure we can find a way to get your desired torch to fit up to your machine. First I would like to clarify the fitting currently on your machine. The TIG port should be a male threaded fitting, the Stick port next to it should be a small 3/8" female dinse port, followed by the signal ports and the 3/8" female dinse port for the ground(Left to Right). If this is correct, then you can take your desired torch and plug it into the stick port, an adapter may be needed if your dinse is the standard size dinse plug. Then route the torch's Argon line to the Tig port with a Inert Gas coupler(this port will still be live when in use, so please keep that in mind). Here are a couple pictures of the pieces mentioned above.

    Name:  WES-AW-430A_Inert_Gas_A-Size_Female_Coupler_MED.jpg
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    You can use any torch you want on your machine.


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