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Thread: Need certifications to find a welding job?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Todd M Edwards View Post
    I just wanted to know which stream you want to specialize in?it is absolutely true that TSSA, CWB, AWS certification has a great value when you look for a job.I am an AWS certified person.Before getting certified from AWS I joined a private welding center to learn basic welding techniques.And I got certificated by the instructor that has no legal value at all.And in search of a job I always got rejected only because of this invalid certification.After that, I joined a reputed welding school in Canada.Many of us are unaware of the fact that there are many institutions that provide fake certification.I take this opportunity for passing this message that there we have a wide range of options to choose a well reputed and experienced welding schools around us. So I hope any of those will meet your requirements.
    I had mentioned you that you have a wide range of option in front of you. I wish I could suggest you one option of choosing weld tech Training center in Canada. Hope this will be a good option for you. Also, you have several other options too. But I suggested one better option.

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    Does anyone know any good schools in the Toronto , Ontario area where I can obtain a basic certificate for a decent price.

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    where do you go for a AWS certification test?


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