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Thread: 250ex 2t / 4t question

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    250ex 2t / 4t question

    I was just fooling around with my 250 ex and realized the button for 2t/4t selection doesn't do anything it is just stay on 2t function , so my question is why will it not switch to 4t?

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    Are you using a foot pedal at the time?
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    The 250 EX should not allow 4T or the step/slope function to be active while the foot pedal is plugged in. If you are using the torch control that came with the unit, and it will not allow you to select these functions, tech or repair service may be needed. If you have an aftermarket torch, please try selecting the functions without the torch's signal plug attached to the unit. If this is the case, tech service should be able to help you wire your torch to get the unit and torch working together properly. You can reach tech at 877-566-4462, we would be happy to help you with your 250 EX.

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    Not using foot peddle and yes I am using the tig torch that came with the welder . I will give them a call thanks .

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    And yes if I disconnect the signal plug it will change to 4t

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    I wonder if it has something to do with the tig touch having a amp adjustment knob on it and it be wired the same as a foot pedal and for that reason the machine recognizes it as a foot pedal also , Jesse is going to look into it apparently so I will post the result.
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    Well I just opened up the tig torch and cut the wires to the amp adjustment knob and presto problem solved , I never did find any use of the knob on this particular tig torch .


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