Miller 625 Extreme plasma cutter issue

The below is offered as information for others to consider before purchasing a Miller 625 Extreme.

Based upon my history of using Miller products for welding, I decided upon a Miller 625 when purchasing a new plasma cutter.

Upon receiving my shipment, I unboxed the plasma cutter to find the front grill of the unit broken completely in half.

See below pictures:

As evidenced by the attached photos, the integrity of the 625ís front case is dependent upon the front plastic cover. In this case, when the front grill is broken, the entire unit will separate if the unit is lifted by its handle. The point of failure appears to be the front plastic grill which has structural fins at three points.

In short, the integrity of the housing and its internal components appears to rest upon three plastic fin points. For purposes here, I did not lift the unit completely open to prevent further damage. In this case, front grill fin breakage makes the unit unable to be carried; which is a selling point per the Miller website. (Portability)

In my opinion, this appears to be a very expensive unit being failed by a very inexpensive plastic grill.

I was advised by Miller that the 625 was having these issues and that additional units had been returned in the past for this problem.

One important note is that this damage appears to have occurred while the unit was in its shipping box as well as protective hard shell carrying case.

Should I steer clear of the 625 going forward?

I'm sure there are opinions out there.