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Thread: Schematic/ Pictures of Migweld 140

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    Schematic/ Pictures of Migweld 140

    If anyone has a schematic of the Migweld 140 or pictures of the inside with the circuit board or wiring this would be very helpful. I bought mine off a friend and the inside has missing wires I believe and disconnections and I'm not exactly sure how it should look. Thanks!

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    Here is some additional information, the first picture shows a disconnected black wire that looks like it simply goes to that connector, but I just want to make sure. This is located all the way to the front of the machine.

    The second picture shows the logic board from the side and you can see the row of white connectors at the top, mine seems to be missing one three from the rightmost one. I not sure if its missing on purpose or it needs to be replaced.

    The last picture shows a connection all the way to the front corner where prong seems to be missing a wire. It the prong suppose to have nothing on it?

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    Your pictures did not come thru.

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    Sorry lets see if this works,

    Picture 1:
    Name:  Disconnection.jpg
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    Picture 2:
    Name:  Logic Board.jpg
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    Picture 3:
    Name:  Open Node.jpg
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    hi.. please i need a logic board picture but a front picture.. my logic board is damage and i need to see a board not damage.

    please help me..


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