Hello everyone,
Im flynn. I work as a teacher for the past 5 years. Now Im here to clear a doubt regarding the best career selection for one of my students. Ive been teaching him since the past 3 years and had never met such a brilliant student in my whole teaching career. He is very good in studies and had secured a diploma with high marks. Now he wish to do a professional home inspector course and asked me about its job opportunities but Ive no idea regarding this. He has been researching about this for a few weeks but was of no use. I doubt whether this career would suit him. Is this a good choice or should I suggest him a better one? Is there anyone here who works as a home inspector? What is your pay scale? Which institution provided you the home inspector certification? One of my colleagues has suggested me an institution(https://www.freedombusinessschool.com ) but I need to hear from people who had studied there. Will they provide online courses? What about their credibility? Shall we trust them?Please help.