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Thread: Jasic WSE 200P problem

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    Jasic WSE 200P problem


    I saw a post on weldingweb where Simon from Longevity said his company is very familiar with the WSE 200P welders, and offered to repair one that a guy in the US was having problems with. I've been unable to get a reply from him so am posting here in the hope someone has some info for me. I have the Jasic 200P AC/DC Pulse TIG/MMA (no plasma) from River Weld. I'm in Australia. I really like the quality of weld that it puts out and would like to repair it rather than replace it. Lately it has started lighting the malfunction LED as soon as I strike an arc at a setting over about 60A. Sometimes the arc will make a loud wooing noise that changes pitch with current. I took the cover off and there is also a red LED on the small horizontal control board that lights up (next to the vertical daughterboard). I found one repair manual that suggests looking for bad MOSFETs (couldn't see anything obvious) or replacing the control board. The manual is a few years older than my welder though.

    I was hoping you guys might have some advice, newer manuals, circuit diagrams.. anything that might help me fix this thing. I am an electronic engineer (though it's been years since I worked on anything with as much analog circuitry in it!) so I can probably get a bit further with designs etc than usual.

    Thanks in advance

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    Hi Miles and welcome to the forum. I'll send an email to Longevity support to see if they can offer any help.
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    Miles, welcome to the forum.

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    Thanks, would be much appreciated!


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