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Thread: stainless- alloy unknown, investment casting probably. problems for newbie

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    stainless- alloy unknown, investment casting probably. problems for newbie

    Hi: I am modifying a part of a food processor to improve performance for a rebuilder. I am a machine and fab shop.
    When fixtured and held in position I can fusion weld without filler to save clean up time. No problem -3/32 gas lens, beautiful weld for first 1/2 to 3/4 of inch around the 2 1/2 " diameter, then the arc turns bright yellow nd the finish looks burned. tried less amperage 32 amps. tried more gas coverage still does it.
    Anybody got a direction to go to improve it. The first part of the weld takes hardly any cleanup to polish, The affected zone is a PIA. requiring sanding and much more time. Wayne MItchell CMW Enterprises, Near San Diego CA Many thanks for any help.

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    If you're welding a tube you probably want to back flow some argon to the inside of the tube. If the weld will seal things you'll need some kind of opening for the expanding gas inside the enclosure or they will escape through the seam where you're welding. Not sure if either of these tips help, hope they do.
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