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Thread: Mass Produced Welding Helmets.

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    Mass Produced Welding Helmets.

    A couple years ago I bought a cheap auto darkening helmet off ebay for about $45. After only a couple of hours of use I felt like I was getting eye fatigue, and after putting up with it for a few days of using the helmet I decided to switch back to my trusty old Miller fixed shade helmet, and I wasn't getting the eye fatigue anymore. Every once in a while I grab the auto darkening helmet and adjust the settings but it never works very well. Even with the sensitivity turned all the way up it doesn't darken quick enough and you end up with that "flash spot" in the center of your eye so you can't see anything for a minute or so. That's when I decided to throw it in the closet and never use it again.

    Recently I was browsing helmets on Amazon and realized that this same exact helmet that I had was being sold by many different companies with just the color scheme changed or company logo added, and they were all being sold from anywhere between $35 to around $50. Kind of like how companies can buy mass produced pens or t-shirts and just have their company name put on it.

    What really shocked me is when I was looking at Longevities list of helmets and to my surprise there it was listed as their "Elite" series. I couldn't believe that the same piece of junk helmet that I bought for $45 dollars on ebay is being sold for $217 on their site just because it has the Longevity logo on it.

    Buyer beware.
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