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Thread: Cutmaster 38 Regulator Replacement - Cheap

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    Cutmaster 38 Regulator Replacement - Cheap

    Just thought I would pass along some helpful information about a Thermal Dynamics CutMaster 38 air pressure regulator replacement. Long story short, my air regulator went bad. The knob that adjusts the pressure broke completely off. The replacement comes as an "assembly" with gauge, electrical solenoid, and air connections for hose. The cost from Thermal Dynamics dealers, Airgas, and other sources is around $325, which is completely ridiculous to me. I bought a Campbell-Hausfeld regulator from Tractor Supply that had all correct orifices and air pressure ratings for $26. In fact, had I wanted to wait for a few more days, I could have bought one online for $13 + shipping, but I didn't want to wait. I had to enlarge the hole that the regulator sat in. I changed out all the fittings and gauge. Plugged it in, set the air pressure to 65 pounds, pulled the trigger and it worked perfectly. Quite a difference between $325 and $26. Hope this helps some out you with the same problem.

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