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Thread: Make 140 drive roller

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    Make 140 drive roller

    Does anyone out there know where I can find a make 140 drive roller for flux core I called longevity and they said they don't have one and are working on the problem

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    Welcome to the forum Mastiffguy. When you get a chance please post a bit about yourself in the introduce yourself section so we can get to know you.
    What is the outer diameter and core diameter of the rollers you need. Also what kind of keying is done for driving them. I have some rollers that came with my machine that don't come close to what they actually are. I'm willing to part with them if someone can use them.
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    You might try using flux core wire with the MIG wie drive rolls to see if it works. I have done this, and it worked for me, altho it was a different machine. Can't hurt to try.
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