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Thread: Stickweld 140 Update

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    Stickweld 140 Update

    Thought I would give an update on the little Stickweld 140.

    It has become my favorite stick machine, due mostly to its portability and digital readout.
    I usually have it running off of an extension cord to the dryer outlet in the garage, or my 4000 watt continuous generator.
    When on the 110 side o the generator, I stick with 3/32 rods, and when on the dryer outlet, 1/8 6011 and 3/32 7018, because I don't have to change the amperage.

    I am in the process of welding out this pit made from a pair of large propane tanks.
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    You roasting elephants? That's a seriously big pit. Looks like a fun project. You should put this in the projects section as an entry in the latest contest.
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