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Thread: http tungston gringer diamond wheel

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    http tungston gringer diamond wheel

    i have a electrode grinder from http i will be needing a new diamond wheel soon does anyone have any inexpensive wheels that would fit the grinder

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    Hi mmugzy41 and welcome to the forum. We like pictures here so please include some showing your work. Be sure to post a bit about yourself in the introduce yourself section so we can get to know you. Also, consider entering the latest contest here. The odds of winning are great.
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    Welcome to the forum mmugzy41.

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    i have a few spares
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    hi Gambleks again can you tell me where i can buy some i am now using a broken wheel an dont want to spend 80 dollars on a new one i havent tried it yet but it looks like a dremal wheel may work. since i am not a profesional welder i dont always have time to get into my workshop than

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    message me, i have a spare wheel i'll sell you for $9
    Torchmate 2x2 CNC
    Longevity 200ex
    Longevity Forcecut 42i
    Thermal Arc 186


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