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Thread: Take a peek!

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    Take a peek!

    Out messing around in the shop this morning and thought I would fire up the Tig mach. as it has been awhile since I used it. Looked it over and found quite a few dirt-dober tracks around the vents. I pulled the cover off and found a nest the size of my fist on one of the transformers. Might not have hurt anything but if it had been on a board or something it might of cost me a machine. Takes just a few minutes of time but could save a lot.
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    Glad you noticed that one before you fired it up. I had to clean a mouse nest out of a machine that sat for a number of years, and replaced some chewed insulation.
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    hey poodle, how have you been ?
    I'm in the same boat, its been while since I touched any of my units. have to weld a whole new exhaust
    manifold back, being in PA with emissions have to have a CAT and that truck all I can get is 2.25 pipe.
    so I want it to breath, so I am welding the whole way back with 2.5 split into duel.
    going to use TIG SS, just hope neck and back holds up. rebuilt motor, but found out I couldn't wrench it out, had to have someone pull and put back in for me.
    so being under this time, WHO KNOWS how far I will get. LOL
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    I hate insects and rodents.


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