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Thread: 140 with spool gun aluminum woes

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    I could never get the spool gun to work on 1\8th aluminium wouldn't get Penetration just sat on top my Lincoln 210 had no issues with the longevity spool Gun hooked up to it
    Works fine with steel or stainless thru itbon the longevity

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    Need help with my Mig 135 w/t spoolgun on Aluminum

    Welding on my boat with my Eastwood 135 w/t spool gun. Using 100 argon. Had various troubles here and there, but more recently had everything working great. Today, my gun unexpectedly keeps melting the wire right at the tip. The whole deal seems like it way too hot, but turning down the setting doesn't seem to change anything. I am using the same settings ie.. voltage/wire speed, that I have used successfully the last few days. My argon is is also set the same. I'm new to this, so not sure what else to check. The pressure on my argon tank is getting low, would that affect anything? I'm assuming it wouldn't since the regulator is set way below what is left in the tank.


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