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Thread: can a pedal control be added to a 200p dc tig

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    can a pedal control be added to a 200p dc tig

    So I have had my 200p since the beginning of time (one of the first models out ) but it does not have a pedal control I just want to add a pedal control is that possible if so how?

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    Please call in to discuss. We do have foot pedals for those older models still in stock.
    Longevity Welding
    Toll-Free Support: 1-510-887-7090 / 1-877-566-4462
    Business Hours: Monday-Friday 8AM to 4PM

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    any link or your sign is your info?

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    The signature above has both phone numbers to get you in touch with us. If you prefer to contact us by email, please send your inquiry to

    Please let us know if you need assistance.


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