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Thread: Using spool gun and then TIG?

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    Using spool gun and then TIG?

    I posted this first under general welding. This will be my first attemp at building an aluminum gas tank for my boat in well over a decade. The last time, I had access to a brake and friend tig it all up for me. I have already procured marine grade (6000 # grade) sheet aluminum. I plan on cutting to shape for my sides, bottom, top, baffels and angle aluminum. I will use angle for inside support for baffles and seams to make them super strong. I plan on using my spool gun to fasten and weld all inside. This will quickly stich everything together and provide extra strength where leaking in not a concern. Of course I will make holes for gas to flow, just not as quickly as not having baffles at all. Then, I will tig outside where seems are welded inside via spool gun. HOPEFULLY, Tig will mostly remove impurities (leaks) and provide flow. If anyone sees a problem with my technique, please offer recommendation.

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    Baffles? geez how big a tank is it? I was thinking like a 5 gallon tank when I saw the thread but if you are installing baffles I'm wondering how big the tank is going to be. I've never done a fuel tank but I'm interested to know how to do one.
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    Tig remove impurities and provide flow? What does that mean?
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    How thick of aluminum are you talking about? That's a lot of weld you are talking about laying down. If you are doing outside corner joints on 1/8" or so, you should get 100% penetration with TIG.
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