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Thread: Spring is here

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    Spring is here

    It's that time of year again that the yard mowing gets into full swing. I have a chunk to keep mowed and have been at it today. When you are mowing take the time to put your safety glasses on. I even wear my foam ear plugs. Put a pair on some time and mow for a little while with them then pull them out and see how much difference they make, it will amaze you. While you are mowing keep a watch out for people down range from your mower. After watching a rock the size of a tennis ball launched from my mower go sailing across the yard head high we now have a rule here that if anyone enters the yard the mower is shut off till they leave. I take it a little farther than need be, steel toes and long pants but that's just me. If nothing else, please wear the safety glasses.
    Let's keep it safe out there, that is all.
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    I'm with you, Steve, I enjoy vision and hearing too much to sacrifice them to a lawnmower. I'm bringing the kids along with outdoor engine chores (lawn mowers, leaf blowing), and eye and ear protection are mandatory. Safety glasses or full face protection for any kind of power tool, along with ear protection for anything noisier than a drill. It takes no effort once you get into the habit and the potential payoff is so great.

    I got my lesson about proper shoes a couple seasons back: I had been wearing old sneakers with smooth worn out soles. We have a steep slope in the yard and I slipped in such a way that I was downhill of the mower, which rolled sideways toward me. I rolled to my feet and ran out of the path before I realized what I was doing, and I guess the deadman blade clutch would have been stopping the blade, but I've been wearing lugged boots and been very careful on that stretch ever since.
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