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Thread: LC 416 Still Going

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    LC 416 Still Going

    I haven't been here much but wanted to drop in. I have had the same LC416 for almost 6 years. I have used it randomly and it has yet to fail.

    I fired it up today in the basement to tig weld some footpegs on my father in laws bike. He said the bolts broke and he rather just weld them.

    It had been awile since I have used the machine but I have loaned it out to welding students and coworkers. Never a complaint. The most revent time, my co worker brought it back and I threw it in the back of my subaru wagon. Along with the 120 Co Ft Argon Bottle. I was working lots of hours and kept forgetting to take the bottle out after hearing it hit the welder. 1st time it hit, I figured it was done. So it was no big deal (other than having a heavy hunk of steel in the back of the car).

    Finally took it out but just set it aside. Took a job as an instructor in another state, moved it not caring much for how it was handled.

    Father in law asked me to weld the pegs on and I figured I would give it a try. Fired it up and it was all good. Need to try the plasma soon. Name:  20150201_145702.jpg
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    Kinda like the Timex watch commercial. Takes a licking but keeps on Tigging.
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    Yes. It has held up better than I thought it would. In April it will be 6 years.

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