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Thread: C25?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jjthompson2 View Post
    he will fill it for me out of his big tank for $20
    You'll have to try to catch him when he's just got a new large cylinder. It sounds like he's offering to transfill from his large cylinder, meaning he can only pressurize your cylinder to the same pressure inside the big bottle. So if he's got 500 psi in his bottle (about 1/4 full) you'll only get 500 psi. Maybe pay on a sliding scale when his bottle is not full?

    BTW is your avatar a photo of your son? He's a good lookin kid!
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    Yeah he filled out of his bottle that was full. Told me when I run out he can send it out to be refilled but that takes a little while since it's an odd ball size idk or he said if he's got a full bottle he can transfer it.

    and yes that's my 5 month old. And he looks more like his mother I am told!
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