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Thread: ProMts 200 .vs ProMts 252i

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    Question ProMts 200 .vs ProMts 252i

    This question is primarily to anyone who had to make this decision before. What made you decide to purchase one over the other? Are the extra 50 amps really worth it? Does anyone have any real world scenarios that solidified their decision whether to get one over the other?

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    I have both.. I like the 252i over the 200 mostly for the amps with the MIG..

    Feels much stronger than the 200 does..

    and yes, I have used this machine over 225 amps on some 1/4 inch plate..

    Worked like a champ...
    ProMTS 200 Everlast PowerTig 255ext MigWeld 140 ForceCut 60I ForceCut 42i AHP Alpha Tig 200x

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    I loaded a 11lb spool on my 252i and something doesn't seem right. There aren't any directions I have found to load the spool but it is loose on the spool tube. Any ideas?
    Thanks in advance.

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