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Thread: More calculators than you know what to do with...

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    More calculators than you know what to do with...

    I've had this site bookmarked for years.
    If you need it, there is a good chance it's here, free.


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    nice! thanks.
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    Black & Decker this & that, Chinese drill & angle grinder, lots of odd tools,
    a big old vice I got for free,

    John Deere CS40 chainsaw and several Axes... they can be very useful!

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    Wow. That is a good site. Bookmarked. Thanks!
    Smitty -- Western PA, USA
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    Wow you are right.

    I was looking for a three wire size calculator before. Now i know where to go.

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    Mark, thanks for the great link.
    oopsicon Buck Parker
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    Thanks! I can use some of those.

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    Thanks from me too. I had bookmarked this site previoulsy, but lost the address when we bought a new computer, so thanks again.

    Art R.
    Art R.

    Longevity LS200-PI multi-purpose cutter/welder,
    Miller 180 Auto-Set MIG,
    Custom 5hp compressor,

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    wow tons of stuff......
    Miller millermatic252

    hobart handler 210

    lincoln dynasty 200

    longevity 160p

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    Man how does that guy have time to build stuff...
    there's a ton of time put in to all these tools...
    very impressive, thanks for the post...
    Sure will use some of these.
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    Delta Drill Press

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    Thanks. That will help me a ton with everything on one site.
    I can't finish a project before I start a new addiction to say the least

    Currently own: Hobart Handler 140
    Looking to purchase Longevity MIG and TIG after I get back from this deployment


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