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Thread: how to see what you're weldng

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    how to see what you're weldng

    Hello all, I'm new at welding. but can someone give me some advice on how to see what I'm welding? I can see the puddle, but the arc pretty much obliterates the seam of what I'm welding. I have one of those auto darkening helmets from harbor freight. presently it's set to 10. Thanks

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    This is the difference between a junk helmet and a good helmet. Get the powerview elite helmet from longevity. It's priced right around $130 and digital. It will make a HUGE difference.
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    thanks, will look into it.

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    My friend, while a new digital helmet from one of the big names, Miller, Viking, Speedglass will give you the absolute best. There are a couple of other things to look into. First of all, I see the puddle best when I'm 6-10 inches away and at an angle. If you're right handed and dragging left to right, tilt you head a little to the right. Second, try not to look at the arc. That was a big one for me, when I got over that everthing fell into place.
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    Here's a augmented reality helmet that filters out the arc and allows a "normal" view

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    Thanks, i will keep it in mind.


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