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Thread: Awesome Customer Service/Sales

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    Cool Awesome Customer Service/Sales

    I got introduced to Longevity through youtube videos and reviews on the brand and when I researched Longevity, I found they "broke the mold" when it came to sales (special pricing/make offer) as well as identifying a true "best fit" welder for my needs and not necessarily spending way more for a welder I clearly either didn't need or wasn't ready. Even more amazing was that in order to have the best experience with my new Tig200, I was asked a number of questions about my experience or lack thereof, what projects do I tackle, what metals do I use, what do I see as future needs, etc. After that, the sales guy, hooked me up with an incredible deal on filler metals, consumables, appropriate tungstens, etc. And if that wasn't over the top, I get a personalized message with phone numbers, and other contact information in case I have any concerns, questions, or complaints. I truly felt like I was being catered to and they made sure I had the best experience ever. I certainly apologize for not remembering the young man's name who helped me but I'm sure I can find out to give props to and also to let his superiors know that he epitomizes what customer care is really all about. I am now a true Longevity fan and oddly enough my new unit hasn't even been shipped yet as I just completed the transaction this evening.

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    Welcome to the forum Chuck.

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    welcome Chuck: you'll like the welder. I'm also new to longevity and the forum also but not new to welding. I've used red - blue and others and for the price and the quality you did a good move. next you'll need a plasma cuttergood luck and enjoy

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    I am not hi jacking your thread, just adding to it.
    I bought my 200SX back in April, teaching myself how to weld, but I learned a lot on YouTube, and I also was introduced to Longevity welders along with a few others. I checked them all out and priced them, and of course I was on a budget. I found the 200SX to be the my first machine.
    So far all has gone great, so I thought, but my welding was going down hill, and discovered a faulty regulator.
    I called in, what AAA customer service did I receive. My new regulator got to me in days and I was so pleased to see nice beads again.
    Now I just need my new glass's to get here and I will really be ready to see how good I can weld, plus finish a little project if it is save able.
    Very pleased.

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