I was referred over here from WeldingWeb, they said one of you all may have some experience with this machine so I am following their suggestion. Please forgive me if this is the wrong place to post this. I would really like to convert my TIG over to a 7 wire switch and add a foot peddle. I have read a bunch on it but all of them have been for other welders. I know quite a few of the china welders have the same color and its fairly universal among many of them. But I was wondering if anyone can confirm that the CT520Z is the same. I have one that was branded by Simadre and it is the CT520Z digital It looks exactly like the one in the picture below. What I need to get clear in my head is the wiring, where I can pick up a 7 pin plug that will fit and what is a good affordable foot peddle that will work with it. If anyone can help me get it straight in my head I would greatly appreciate it.

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