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Thread: Kobalt Auto Darkening Variable Shade Hydrographic Welding Helmet

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    Kobalt Auto Darkening Variable Shade Hydrographic Welding Helmet

    The title is a mouth-full. My old hood had started giving some problems. It would not stay up, it would flash you when in certain positions, it was just time for an upgrade. My old hood was a Tiger hood with a Radnor auto darkening lens in it. I did not want to pay a mint for a new hood so I started researching them on the net. I had a list of things I wanted on a hood and I think I pretty much found what I was looking for. The Kobalt Auto Darkening Variable Shade Hydrographic Welding Helmet from Lowe's. This hood is a little heavier than my old one but it has a larger viewing area, and is also longer. I really do not notice the weight while wearing it and I realize I do not wear one 5 days a week all day either. After I adjusted the head gear it was very comfortable. The lens is adjustable from 9 to 13 shade. It has 4 sensors, and is battery powered with solar cell. It has a low battery warning. It also has a time delay and a sensitivity knob. It also has a grind mode. All adjustments are made inside the hood. I like that for the most part as I did not want anything sticking out of my hood to get broken. The only one that is inconvenient is the grind mode switch. You have to take the hood off to flip the selector. It has a little light that blinks while in grind mode but I really never noticed it. The manufacturer list it triggering at 5 amps. Mine would do that. I tried to get it to flash me by looking straight at the sun while welding on a piece of pipe. My old hood would flash on and off under these conditions but this one performed flawlessly. I did some tigging with it on and did like the ability to change shades.
    There is a holder in it to put cheaters in. It is to loose for my cheaters and they would slide out the bottom till I put a small piece of electrical tape on each end to make it thicker, now they stay put.
    Batteries are included.
    The hood comes with 2 extra cover plates ( I did not know this and purchased an extra for a little over $3, they are standard 4.5"x5.25")
    It comes with 2 extra sweat bands.
    A bag to keep it in.( there is a pouch in the front that you can store your extra cover plates and sweat bands in)
    It has a 3year warranty.
    All for the price of $99.98
    So far I would have to say it is a keeper. The only negatives are the holder for the cheaters and the grind mode switch other than that it is a very good hood for the price.
    I hereby stamp it Poodle approved!
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    I had a $99 kobalt hood from lowes years ago. NEVER again. Terrible.
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    I have the Kobalt hood, I love it. In fact the Instructor at my welding school is going to buy them for the next group of students in January.
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    I have been using a cheap-ish ($59 on sale) Princess adjustable auto helmet (Canadian store kind of like Harbour Freight) with really good success.
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    UPDATE!! Have had this hood for 5 years now with no problems. The headgear decided to strip and guess what Lowe's does not sell replacement parts so now I have a perfectly operating hood that I cannot use. Going with a name brand hood now. May cost more from the start but in the long run will be cheaper.
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