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Thread: Suggestions to weld 20g sheet steel - small parts

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    Suggestions to weld 20g sheet steel - small parts

    Here are two areas where I'm thinking of different options I might have to weld, especially in the corner seam, on these small 20g parts. I have a MigWeld 140 with C25 gas and have had good success welding butt joints on the rest of the firewall (same 20g) - but I'm basically stitch welding and overlapping them. That way I can move around and not generate too much heat. My current settings are 28 for arc volts and 30 for wire speed.

    Just curious if anyone has experience with this gauge and can offer some suggestions. TIA

    Left side
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    Right side
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    My brother is doing the same thing with the same welder , on the same type project . Using gas , but not sure what size wire he is using . Smaller the wire , less power you need , thus less chances of burn through . He has even done " Butt " joints , in that he has cut out a rusty piece , maybe square or what ever shape , cut out a replacement piece same size , ( just a tick smaller , thus it fits in the hole ) , Used magnets to hold in place and tacked it end . Once it is all stitched in , grind it down and Boom , from outside , it is as good as new .

    Not sure if Bro got a smaller drive roller for his so he could run maybe .025 or if he is just using .030 . .035 seems to need to high a setting to weld that thin metal , Been there done that , maybe check with Simon to see if a smaller drive roll is available ?? If not from them , I may know another place . Although not real expensive , I bought a Knurled Drive roll for my Mig Weld 200S as all I use is .35 flux core . Had to do a little work to it , but it was same shaft size , same diameter thus it worked / still works perfectly .

    Fred H.
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    Fred, thanks for he feedback. I'm currently using the .025 solid wire provided with the welder. Sounds like your brother is using the same technique I am for the butt welds. The good thing about them is that they can be ground down - can't do that easily with the inside corner weld. Since they'll be exposed I'd like them look good. Just not sure how to ensure that on such thin gauge material.

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    My dad had a hammer and dolly set, he would take the dolly and wrap a piece of copper around and put that behind the metal and it would draw the heat away or help cool it somehow so he could make 1 to 2 inch welds without burning through or warping to bad
    Jesse J Thompson Mig weld 140


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