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Thread: 160SX in Europe

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    160SX in Europe

    Can I run the TIG by plugging it in here in Europe. I just got stationed here and ARGON is WAY cheaper that in Hawaii so that's a plus. The power is single phase 220vac. Checked to return and ground. Both provided 220vac. The average circuit is 3300watt capable. 15 Amp @ 220vac

    I know the machine is 220vac capabile in the states but that's usually a split phase 220vac. I just want to make sure. Thanks!

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    Don't they use 50Hz power over there? That might be an issue but I can't say for sure.
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    They do use 50hz here but all of the specs for various welders from longevity list 50hz as okay.

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    SO I figured I should post the results here just in case someone ekee asks. After more reseach I came to the conclusion that 220v is 220v whether is is signle phase or split phase like in the US.

    My TIG started up just fine and now I have 3300watts to play with instead of 2400 off a normal circuit.


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