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Thread: 6011 Startup problem

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    6011 Startup problem

    Using Lincoln 6011 3/32" rods with Stickweld 140. Striking an arc is almost impossible. Have used full range of amps as recommended on box and then some. Trying to weld on 1/8" steel. Box of rods says they are AC/DC +/- for polarity ....I am on DCEP. I have used Lincoln 6013, 7014 and 7018 with no problem. I have also used Harbor Freight 6011s and they have worked great. Is there such a thing as a bad box of rods..? I have heard this is possible but didn't know if this was just someones excuse for lack of experience. Thanks for any input.....Rickzzz Oh yes...have tried them also on DCEN....same result...haven't got access to an AC welder right now to try them on AC.

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    If that unit has an arc force adjustment you might want to try and play with that setting.
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