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Thread: Can I remove the potentiometer from 160sx foot pedal? becuase it is bad

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    Can I remove the potentiometer from 160sx foot pedal? becuase it is bad

    I have a longevity 160sx foot pedal that has gone bad. When I press on it, the on switch kicks on, but I only get a very small amount of amps, maybe 10amps.
    The first problem I noticed is that the one of the red wires coming out of the foot pedal had broken internally. This is due to there being no strain relief spring or coil coming off the foot pedal. I've only used this foot pedal for a couple of months. It gets pushed back and forth about 4 feet many times a day as I work on tig welding aluminum on a metal welding table

    So I fixed the broken wire but the pedal would still not work.

    SO i took it apart and here is what it looks like
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    I got out my multimeter and found out the black potentiometer read 9.8kOHM to 4.5kOHM between the two outside legs (green and white wires). It has a web site on the back of it, but the parts are from china,
    And of course there are no specs.
    between the Green and central post on the potentiometer it reads 9.8kOHM to 0kOHM.

    This you tube video says the outside posts should read zero to max OHMS
    Arcade Repair Tips - Checking Potentiometers With A Multimeter - YouTube">Arcade Repair Tips - Checking Potentiometers With A Multimeter - YouTube" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="425" height="350">

    This other youtube video
    What is a Potentiometer? - YouTube">What is a Potentiometer? - YouTube" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="425" height="350"> kind of explains what a Potentiometer does.

    So I guess my question is how do I FIX this thing!?!? LOL.

    Do I really even need this potentiometer ? If I yank the pot out I'm assuming the
    Green and black central wire woudl be wire nuted together and the
    white and black which are already connected would stay that way?

    hopefully there is a good repair person here! I dont' feel like spending $179 on a new pedal.

    And I called longevity hoping the repair pedal would be covered under warranty, but that does not apply to accessories, just the actual welding machine.

    Can I just
    Lincoln Percision Tig 275 & Longevity 160SX

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    after fidling with this thing for a while I've figgured out I have a bad sliding potentiometer, where can I buy a new one?
    would this work?
    not sure how much wattage I really need?
    It's close in phyiscal size . the one in the foot pedal is 2" tall and slides about 30mm

    PS. if you want to by pass the rotary potentiometer just do what I said above it works.
    PPS if you want to by pass sliding potentiometer just jump top black and red wire together. that basically gives you an on off switch with no control over power/amps going out of the tungsten torch.
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    Lincoln Percision Tig 275 & Longevity 160SX

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    Lincoln Percision Tig 275 & Longevity 160SX


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