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Thread: Longevity migweld 100 setup basics and review - 90 amp flux core mig welder

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    Made this cart with my migweld 100 out of gas grill frame. Cut legs partway up then welded back on to lower section. Made shelf frame out of angle from old bed frame and welded sheet metal in the bottom. Handy project.

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    Nice repurposing job.
    Units owned Longevity PROmts 200

    Force Cut LP80 plasma cutter
    Longevity auto dark welding helmet

    Atlas 10x36" lathe
    Craftsman 5HP 30 Gal compressor
    Home made CNC router/plasma/hot wire foam cutting, 3D printing table powered by Longevity Force Cut LP80
    Home built aluminum foundry, HF 4x6 bandsaw

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    It has been a long, cold winter - but the geese are returning and soon the weather will be warming up to the point of resuming the activities of the hobby welding shop!
    Trying to decide on my first project. I'm thinking a useful project would be a creeper tool tray to lay tools on while working under my vehicles. I saw a picture of one here
    Whadyathink? Any ideas for add-on features? Maybe a second tier to hold small parts (but not too high).

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    Great reviews.!
    It worthy is best mig welder for the money.
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