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Thread: Longevity Auto Dark hoods

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    Quote Originally Posted by BucketObolts View Post
    All the hoods or just the lower priced starter ones?
    The Starters. I am not interested in spending more that $50-60 for a spare hood. I have an old Fiber Metal Tiger with a gold #10 lens already.
    4T or not 4T, that is the question.

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    I think mine is a Pro Series unit.
    Units owned Longevity PROmts 200

    Force Cut LP80 plasma cutter
    Longevity auto dark welding helmet

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    Craftsman 5HP 30 Gal compressor
    Home made CNC router/plasma/hot wire foam cutting, 3D printing table powered by Longevity Force Cut LP80
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    I'm gonna see what kind of money is left after Christmas. See if I can swing a TIG machine and a helmet.
    Lincoln 135
    HTP 221 DV


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