We've been getting some complaints about post bumping purely for the contest entries (will mention no names here). I've reviewed many recent posts and here are my findings and the resulting report to Simon.

To be perfectly honest Simon, I see most posts as valid responses to
other posts. We just have some very active members in my opinion. Many of the replies are
often like mine. I can't always offer suggestions but like to respond if
possible anyway. I wonder if people would complain about some of my posts if
I weren't moderator. I know many of my posts have no real merrit.
I don't know what we could do about this contest but maybe next time you
could limit the number of entries a person can earn to a reasonable number.
That might cut down on the excessive posting. If it weren't for the contest,
we probably wouldn't see excessive posting. A reasonable
limit would certainly make it more fair to all in the future.