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Thread: Steel Toe Boots.... Good or Bad?

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    There was a guy from around here that works or worked, in the Gas Well Industry that had a couple of toes that had to be amputated because his toes were crushed
    by the steel toe part of the boot he was wearing when a piece of drill steel got dropped on his boot.. The back part of the steel toe basically seared off his toes around where
    they attach to your foot.. But if he hadn't been wearing any at all, probably would have lost his whole foot.. The piece that fell on his foot weighed approx, 4600 lbs..
    If you can see it, You can weld it.........

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    Quote Originally Posted by SICFabrications View Post
    Ok, here's the deal with safety shoes. I hear this argument all the time... "I would rather not wear safety toes than to get one smashed and have to get the toe cut."

    Here is the logic... ANSI regulations requires safety toes to give way at a minimum of 70 psi of impact dynamically and static of 110 psi. The metatarsals (yer toes) of the average male takes 8.6 psi static load (just sitting there, not dropped) to absolutely crush the bones. So, if you drop something on your toe heavy enough to critically damage the safety toe, your foot is fked anyway. At least with safety toes, you are afforded a much higher level of protection.
    Well, there you go. Absolutely no reason not to wear steel toe boots. Besides, mine keep those nasty sparks from finding their way past the tongue. Wore sneakers once and it didn't take long for me to feel those sparks hitting the tongue.
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    I think that you should wear ALL safety equipment and follow the safety rules, then hope for the best!
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    Quote Originally Posted by KHK View Post
    I think that you should wear ALL safety equipment and follow the safety rules, then hope for the best!
    I learned my lesson. My family members say I look awfully weird with all of my stuff on but they understand it's all safety related and I think it is rubbing off on them. Finally wearing my safety glasses under my welding helmet. That was the last thing I need to change my habits on. Cheers!
    Is it OK to want to break something just so that you can weld it back together?

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    I quit caring about how I look to other people when I'm doing a job a long time ago. Anyone who thinks protecting yourself is less important than looking "cool" has probably never done the work in the first place.
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    I wore steel toed boots for 14 years everyday when i worked at the pensacola nava air station, including a hard hat, and i never had a problem wearing them. Heck, i thought mine looked cool. I wore Red Wings, and Wolverines. Great boots.

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    i rather have my toes then not have them
    It was a pretty simple rationalization to wear my steel toed boots
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    Steel toe shoes or boots, they are good IMHO. Well I have my share too before of wearing sneakers one time when cutting some metals and the piece I was cutting fell directly on my right foot and it was really damn painful, stupid of me, I know I should have worn that boots of mine that day.

    Now I'm always in my steel toe boots every time I do metal works in the garage.
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    Although as you see in my avatar , I own and drive that semi for a living , I also wear Steel Toe shoe's . Not Boots , but Sneakers no less . And " Yes " They are approved by whoever as the place I bought them deals in Safety equipment . Have never worn them around the house while welding , rather they are my work shoe's . And " Yes " they have saved my toes from getting whacked several times by either falling freight or empty pallets that are being thrown around while at warehouses . Not enough force to sever a toe , maybe break one , but enough force that you would be plenty ticked after the pain finally went away .

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    Which ever boots you get, make sure to get a pair of DrScholl's gel insoles for them. Your feet will thank you later.


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