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Thread: Steel Toe Boots.... Good or Bad?

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    I would say YES!! You want to wear safety shoes, as it is a good option to wear when your foot got injured. It is a protective material for your feet as it safeguards you from getting injure from sharp objects as well as it is best suited for any kind of weather condition

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    Quote Originally Posted by DrBrightLight View Post
    I hate wearing them, but my boss says I must!!!

    What do you think?
    Every hard worker needs to wear them in order to protect your foot.

    Do not hesitate to find some good workboots that makes you more comfortable instead Toe Boots.

    I am a gardener means I work in my own garden and had to deal with some difficulties of my foot. That I had to protect them by insects, grass itching and more problems. I hate wearing boots. I came across some websites like walmart amazon costco and more. I found some good boots which make more comfortable to work hard. Happy!!!
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